Windows 10 Black v22H2 Slim build 19045.1949 by Kirk

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Windows 10 Black v22H2 Slim build 19045.1949 by Kirk

Tải xuống Windows 10 Black v22H2 Slim build 19045.1949 by Kirk là bản dựng Windows 10 v22H2 build 19045.1949 cập nhật mới nhất tháng 8/2022, bản dựng được tuỳ biến và tối ưu hoá cho máy cấu hình thấp.

Post Information

Posted by…………: Kirk
Posted on…………: 8/27/2022
Updates are integrated until Aug 28th, 2022:
Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5016688)
Feature Update to Windows 10 22H2
Servicing Stack 10.0.19041.1852
integrated .Net Framework 3.5 (including 2.0 and 3.0)
.Net Framework 1.00.3705
.Net Framework 1.1.4322
.Net Framework 2.0.50727
.Net Framework 3.0
.Net Framework 3.5
.Net Framework 4.0
.Net Framework 4.8
MS Visual Basic/C++ Runtimes x86
MS Visual C++ 2005 x86/x64
MS Visual C++ 2008 x86/x64
MS Visual C++ 2010 x86/x64
MS Visual C++ 2012 Additional Runtimes AIO
MS Visual C++ 2013 Additional Runtimes AIO
MS Visual C++ 2015-2019 x86/x64
MS Visual C++ 2022 Additional Runtimes AIO
MS Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime x64
Wim Format: ESD

Install Time in Vmware with 2 gigs of ram: 8 Minutes
Install on my laptop with 20 gigs of ram under 5 minutes
Tested updates works perfect, everything works rainmeter gadgets were over from the end
as they loaded when the network noticifcation was up so they aligned with that LoL.

This version is for Team OS members who are interested in Complete Windows Desktop Environment Features where windows can be updated, no Windows Store & no Windows 10 Universal Apps, everything else is intact. Edge removed manually
Privacy settings set at opt out of everything, no telemetry has been removed, I includedO&O Shutup in extras folder.

Please see Pre-set Settings file, open with any text editor:

Takes up 7 to 10 Gigs of Hard Drive Space
depending on if its already downloading updates

Apps Pre- installed:

7-Zip x64
WinRAR x64
R-Wipe & Clean
CCleaner Pro
Mozilla Firefox
OneClickFirewall – context menu
Rainmeter + Monteray Gadgets Pack
System Transperancy set at 225, just right click tray icon to close it.
Fully Unattended with quick install that bypasses oobe and oobe animation right to desktop.
Default User: User password: Blank (none) with admin rights


Theme Dlls Patched for unsigned third party themes
Arc Icon Pack + Numix Icon Pack Combined

[spoiler title=”Themes included:“]aero_11_dark
bliss OS ARC – dark
bliss OS ARC – light
bliss OS ARC – night
bliss OS classic – dark
bliss OS classic – light
bliss OS classic – night
bliss OS INV – dark
bliss OS INV – light
bliss OS INV – night
bliss OS mac – dark
bliss OS mac – light
bliss OS mac – night
bliss OS win – dark
bliss OS win – light
bliss OS win – night
eyecandy NA
fluent dark
fluent day
fluent night
lovelace mechanical
lovelace night
macOS 13 Ventura dark
macOS 13 Ventura light
macOS dark
macOS dark (mica)
macOS dark II
macOS day
macOS day (mica)
macOS day II
MacOS Monterey Black1
MacOS Monterey Black2
MacOS Monterey Black3
MacOS Monterey Dark1
MacOS Monterey Dark2
MacOS Monterey Dark3
MacOS Monterey1
MacOS Monterey2
MacOS Monterey3
mechanical NA
Night City
Night City Day
numix_remix dark
Obetal Blue
Obetal Blue Minimal
Obetal Green
Obetal Green Minimal
Obetal Purple
Obetal Purple Minimal
Obetal Red
Obetal Red Minimal
Obetal Tequila Blue
Obetal Tequila Blue Minimal
Obetal Tequila Blue Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Green
Obetal Tequila Green Minimal
Obetal Tequila Green Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Purple
Obetal Tequila Purple Minimal
Obetal Tequila Purple Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Red
Obetal Tequila Red Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Red Minimal
Obetal Tequila Yellow
Obetal Tequila Yellow Minimal
Obetal Tequila Yellow Minimal Black
Obetal Yellow
Obetal Yellow Minimal
PA_Lovelace DM
PA_Nebula DM
PA_Sweet DM
space-shrooms_dark MAC
space-shrooms_dark win
space-shrooms_day MAC
space-shrooms_day win
space-shrooms_night MAC
space-shrooms_night win
sweet NA
Sweet Night City
Sweet Night City Day
sweetspot NA
Very Peri Dark
Very Peri Dark Jang
Very Peri Day
Very Peri Day Jang
Very Peri Night
Very Peri Night Jang
Windows 11 Dark
Windows 11 Dark for Windows 10
Windows 11 Dark NA
Windows 11 Light
Windows 11 Light NA[/spoiler]



Setup Screens:

Download Windows 10 Black v22H2 Slim build 19045.1949 by Kirk

Dung lượng file ISO là 2.4GB


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