Windows 11 Enterprise v22H2 build 22621.598 By Kirk

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Windows 11 Enterprise v22H2 build 22621.598 By Kirk

Tải xuống Windows 11 Enterprise v22H2 build 22621.598 By Kirk là bản dựng Windows 11 V22H2 build 22621.598 được tuỳ biến giao diện và loại bỏ các ứng dụng UWP và dịch vụ không cần thiết nhằm tối ưu hoá cho máy cấu hình thấp.

Type……………..: OS
Platform………….: Windows 11 Enterprise x64
Image Format………: .iso
Burn Tested……….: Yes
Bypasses TPM, Secure Boot
Bypasses Microsoft’s Forced Account Creation during Setup / Installation!
UAC Disabled
HD Footprint: 7 Gigs
No Answer File used, Fully Automatic install after you format drive to desktop, oobe skipped, oobe animation skipped.
Default user created: name: user password: none – Admin rights
Pre-Activated, KMS AIO on desktop if needed.
No components were removed
Background processes Disabled
Search with Cortana Disabled
Updates fully working

To install store on this build open powershell as admin and run:

Get-AppXPackage *WindowsStore* -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}


Then store will appear in start menu:

Windows Defender is turned off, you can turn on with defender control which is included in extras folder see screen:


Post Information

Posted by…………: Kirk
Posted on…………: 9/13/2022


.Net Framework 3.5 (including 2.0 and 3.0) enabled
.Net Framework 4.8
Update for Microsoft Windows KB5016591
Update for Microsoft Windows KB5017390
Servicing Stack 10.0.22621.440

Apps Pre Installed:
7-Zip 22.01 x64
OneClick Firewall Context menu
StartAllBack 3.5.2
MS Visual C++ 2015-2019 x86/x64

September 12, 2022:
New LCU: KB5017390
Build: 2262x.598
Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.598 and 22622.598
Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.598 and Build 22622.598 (KB5017390) to the Beta Channel.

Build 22622.598 = New features rolling out.
Build 22621.598 = New features off by default.

As a reminder, Insiders who landed in the group with new features turned off by default (Build 22621.xxxx) can check for updates and choose to install the update that will have features rolling out (Build
Changes and Improvements in Build 22622.598
Changes and Improvements in Build 22622.598

For the time being, you will no longer be able to uninstall apps with inter-dependencies (e.g., Steam and gaming apps running on Steam) or repair Win32 apps under Settings > Apps > Installed apps. You will still be able to modify and uninstall Win32 apps without inter-dependencies.

Fixes in Build 22622.598
[File Explorer]

Fixed an issue leading to a small set of Insiders with “launch folder windows in a separate process” not being able to launch File Explorer in the last two flights due to an explorer.exe crash.
Fixed an issue where you couldn’t interact with the top part of File Explorer (with the address bar) when File Explorer was full screen (F11).
Fixed an issue where command bar items like copy, paste, and empty recycle bin may unexpectedly not be enabled when they should be.

Fixes for BOTH Build 22621.598 & Build 22622.598

We fixed an issue that creates a duplicate print queue. Because of this, the original print queue stops working.
We fixed an issue that affects Roaming User Profiles. After you sign in or sign out, some of your settings are not restored.

Known issues

[NEW] Clicking the network icon on the Lock screen does not work and will crash the Lock screen and may require you to reboot to login. After logging in, you can switch between wireless networks as needed.

Assembly Features
Edger Browser + addition uninstalled to save 1 Gig in space, online Edge installer
Onedrive link to installer
telemetry Disabled
Modern UI Apps removed except for: Paint, Terminal, Security Center, calculator
Store can be installed see above
Theme Dlls patched for 3rd party
System Icons replaced by Lumicons

[spoiler title=”Mega Themes Included:“]

bliss OS ARC – dark
bliss OS ARC – light
bliss OS ARC – night
bliss OS classic – dark
bliss OS classic – light
bliss OS classic – night
bliss OS INV – dark
bliss OS INV – light
bliss OS INV – night
bliss OS mac – dark
bliss OS mac – light
bliss OS mac – night
bliss OS win – dark
bliss OS win – light
bliss OS win – night
eyecandy NA
fluent dark
fluent day
fluent night
lovelace mechanical
lovelace night
macOS 13 Ventura dark
macOS 13 Ventura light
macOS dark
macOS dark (mica)
macOS dark II
macOS day
macOS day (mica)
macOS day II
MacOS Monterey Black1
MacOS Monterey Black2
MacOS Monterey Black3
MacOS Monterey Dark1
MacOS Monterey Dark2
MacOS Monterey Dark3
MacOS Monterey1
MacOS Monterey2
MacOS Monterey3
mechanical NA
Night City
Night City Day
numix_remix dark
Obetal Blue
Obetal Blue Minimal
Obetal Green
Obetal Green Minimal
Obetal Purple
Obetal Purple Minimal
Obetal Red
Obetal Red Minimal
Obetal Tequila Blue
Obetal Tequila Blue Minimal
Obetal Tequila Blue Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Green
Obetal Tequila Green Minimal
Obetal Tequila Green Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Purple
Obetal Tequila Purple Minimal
Obetal Tequila Purple Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Red
Obetal Tequila Red Minimal Black
Obetal Tequila Red Minimal
Obetal Tequila Yellow
Obetal Tequila Yellow Minimal
Obetal Tequila Yellow Minimal Black
Obetal Yellow
Obetal Yellow Minimal
PA_Lovelace DM
PA_Nebula DM
PA_Sweet DM
space-shrooms_dark MAC
space-shrooms_dark win
space-shrooms_day MAC
space-shrooms_day win
space-shrooms_night MAC
space-shrooms_night win
sweet NA
Sweet Night City
Sweet Night City Day
sweetspot NA
Very Peri Dark
Very Peri Dark Jang
Very Peri Day
Very Peri Day Jang
Very Peri Night
Very Peri Night Jang
Windows 11 Dark
Windows 11 Dark for Windows 10
Windows 11 Dark NA
Windows 11 Light
Windows 11 Light NA



Untouched Setup

Default Desktop

Extras folder:

Debloating used:

You rebloat if you like as this was only debloating used


Essential Tweaks
Old context menu
Disable Background Apps
Uninstall Bloatware
Uninstall Edge -online installer included
Uninstall Onedrive -link to installer included

Download Windows 11 Enterprise v22H2 build 22621.598 By Kirk

Dung lượng file ISO là 3.1GB


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